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Baby Registry Checklist – An Essential Guide for New Parents

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Undoubtedly, the arrival of a new child is a massive blessing for parents. It fills parents’ hearts with love and joy, and they do whatever it takes to care for their young ones. That’s the reason most expecting parents want to include essential items on the baby registry checklist.

However, it is quite daunting for new expecting parents to create a budget, make a list of the right items, and purchase them at the right place/shop. In today’s article, we will discuss the significance of the baby registry list and essential things that you must include on the baby list. Read on!

What is a Baby Registry Checklist?

A baby registry checklist allows you to choose necessary items for your new coming or newly born baby. It also enables parents to avoid non-essential items to save money. Starting a baby registry is challenging for new parents because there are so many products, and choosing the right ones is not easy.

Many new parents seek help from their family members, relatives, and friends who know about the baby registry checklist. Selecting the list of items depends on various factors, such as the season, budget, convenience, and preferences.

Every parent and baby are different, which means certain registries are suitable for your preferences than others. Likewise, certain registries may not be appropriate or go in line with your specific needs. That’s why it is essential to choose the right type of registry for your baby.

Some parents prefer to register at one shop or online store, while others register at multiple stores. The main reason is taking benefit from the freebies and discounts. Likewise, some parents choose a local baby boutique, which is useful for those who prefer to shop in person.

Remember, it depends on your personal preferences, and there is nothing wrong with registering with multiple stores for the perks. Similarly, you must not waste your time and money reviewing each registry shop or online store. Instead, you should consider the following factors while choosing the best registry site.

Product Selection

Although most baby registries are universal, which means you can customize them according to your needs and preferences, the product selection of a retailer is an essential factor.

So, if you want to get rid of the hassle, experts recommend going for the pre-defined or pre-selected baby registries. The reason is that most stores like Amazon and Walmart have made substantial efforts to include all the essential items in the baby list to make things easier for new parents.


It is OK to add items to the baby list according to your preferences. However, it will take time and effort to make a plan and figure out essential items. That’s why it is more convenient to go for the primary baby registry at Amazon, Walmart, etc. Online is the way to go during this COVID epidemic to keep your household safe. Still, take the proper precautions.

Again, it is up to you to decide whether to choose a retailer’s baby registry or make your own checklist. Some parents prefer personalization and minimalism, so they choose items according to their needs.

On the other hand, many parents decide to avoid wasting time on making a baby list and register directly on Amazon, Walmart, Target Baby Registry, BuyBuy Baby, or others ( including this site The main reason behind choosing a retailer’s registry is to overcome the hassle and spend more time on baby care, pre-birth clinical checkups, post-birth hospital visits, medications, etc.


Discounts and promotional offers are beneficial for those parents who have a limited budget for purchasing essential baby items. Online retailers offer discounts and coupon codes to buy baby items, especially on the things that you haven’t included in the list.

Some stores also offer completion discounts, which refers to coupon codes to buy the remaining items that you haven’t purchased from the registry. Deals and discounts can help you save money on expensive baby items. It is also useful in terms of avoiding financial stress because parents have to spend money on other essential things.

Return Policy

It is wise to register with a retailer that offers an easy return policy for the items bought. For instance, if you need feeding bottles for your child in the summer, you can contact the retailer and ask them whether or not you can return the blanket and get the bottles, bowls, spoons, cups, pacifiers, swings, or any other item. Retailers that offer a sophisticated return policy allows parents to check and test things before the birth of the child.

Most often, parents won’t return a specific item because the retailer has wisely included it in the registry list, but it is always a good idea to register with a company that has a simple return policy, rules, and regulations.


The budget is perhaps the most crucial factor when choosing a baby registry. Make sure you do some research and sort out the prices of essential baby items. For instance, if the registry is not within your budget, you can remove some items from it.

Likewise, if it is within your budget or if you think spending a few hundred dollars won’t hurt your finances, then you can add more items to the baby registry list. Experts recommend creating a separate bank account to save money for your baby needs.

Best Baby Registries

The idea of creating a baby registry is overwhelming, especially for those who are expecting a baby for the first time. Most parents do not know about the items that are essential and non-essential, and that’s why they can’t decide what to add and what to avoid in the registry. Anyway, here is an elaborate post on all the freebies you can get as parents. That’s right. Free! Free Baby Stuff 2020

Side note: Our registry coming very soon with HUGE discounts to help out in these tough economic times.

The Most Essential Items on Your Baby Registry Checklist

When it comes to the baby registry checklist, your goal is to include useful items that are necessary for daily usage. Sometimes, new parents confuse and deem required all the things they go through on the list.

A reasonable baby registry helps you avoid getting a lot of items and the same gifts from your family members and friends. For instance, if you receive dozens of the same baby books, it will not benefits you. It will take up space and turn into clutter.

That’s why you should choose items that are necessary for your baby and avoid other products to keep things organized in your home. Here are the most useful products that you must include in your baby registry. Keep reading!

· Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are beneficial for your baby after his or her birth. Because your baby is in a new environment, he or she won’t feel comfortable. Therefore, it is wise to include swaddle blankets on your baby list. A swaddle blanket will keep your baby comfortable.

· Infant Car Seat

An infant car seat allows you to take your baby home safely. Many parents ignore this item on the baby registry list, and this can lead to severe consequences, like compromised security of your baby in an unpleasant road situation. You can properly install and adjust an infant car seat in your vehicle.

· A Stroller

A stroller is another must-have item for your baby registry. If you want to take your baby comfortably in all types of weather conditions, consider a high-quality baby stroller. Make sure the product you use is comfortable, easy-to-use, maneuverable, and has multiple folding systems. Choose a small stroller so that you can easily fit it into your car’s trunk.

· A Baby Swing

A new mom is usually unlikely to care for her infant. Your baby has different sleeping patterns in the first few months, which means it is not easy to wake up at night and make your baby fall asleep.

Your baby needs to be in your arms during the day because it makes him or her feel comfortable and safe. However, you need a baby swing to keep your baby calm at night. A swing is a must-have item because it keeps the baby pacified and help him or her fall asleep fast.

· A Sound Machine

White noise is necessary for your baby as it helps the baby sleep properly. Make sure you choose a product that does not produce a loud sound. Otherwise, it can damage your baby’s hearing. Anyway, the white noise can result in better quality sleep for the baby.

· A Baby Carrier

Baby wearing is trendy, safe, and comfortable. If you are a busy dad or mom and spend most of the time working, you must include a baby carrier or sling on the baby registry list. A baby carrier allows you to keep him or her secure by your side.

Because babies need a physical bond with their parents, it is difficult to manage your baby with one arm and work with the other. Therefore, a baby carrier will keep your baby close to you and enable you to continue working in the kitchen, living room, etc.

· Nursing Pillow

A high-quality nursing pillow holds your baby in the correct position for latching and digestion. A nursing pillow is helpful to support your arms and back after you latch the baby. However, existing pillows and cushions off the bed can also be used for this purpose.

· A Portable Crib

If your room is not large enough to accurately fit a regular-size crib, a portable crib will fit in any space and provide a safe sleeping environment for your baby. Also, if you have twins, you can’t fit two cribs in your room. So, a portable one will get the job done efficiently.

· A Baby Bathtub

The most significant benefit of having a baby bathtub to preventing slippage from your baby. A high-quality bathtub comes with a contoured headrest, which enables the head of your child to stay above the water level. Some modern bathtubs also contain a sling and drain plug, which is useful for infants.

· Extra Crib Sheets

Adding an additional mattress to your baby registry is entirely your choice, but experts highly recommend to have at least three sets of crib sheets. You will also need waterproof mattress covers because you will change them quite often when your baby does his or thing despite wearing overnight diapers.

· Baby Bottles

New moms need plenty of baby bottles, no matter if they are nursing or formula-feeding their babies. Make sure you choose baby bottles that are according to the modern-day standards as well as to have anti-gas and anti-colic properties. Such bottles will give your baby a comfortable feeding experience.

· A Bassinet

If your baby is not feeling comfortable in the crib, it is essential to have a bassinet to make him or her fall asleep properly. When your baby is big enough, you can then consider a crib for him or her.

· A Changing Pad

Most diaper bags have a portable changing pad, but you need a changing pad for your home that is slightly larger and firmer than the portable one. You can place the changing pad on the baby dresser easily. Therefore, avoid adding a changing table to your baby registry list.

· Onesies and Sleepers

Experts recommend adding onesies and sleepers to the baby list regardless of the weather or time of the year. Your baby needs both sleepers and onesies during the winter and summer season. In summer, you should consider adding lightweight sleepers, whereas, in the winter, you will add fleece sleepers.

· Kimono Tops

New parents do not know how to correctly put clothing over their babies’ heads. Experts are suggesting adding kimono tops on your baby list because you can simply pop them on your baby. Also, kimono tops can be worn over the diapers easily. Having such an item on your registry list is important because it helps you avoid putting clothes over the small head of your newborn.

So, these are the most essential items that you must include in your baby registry. Other products that we think should be added to the baby list are:


- One-piece outfits (5 to 7 items)

- Pull-on pants or Leggings (5 to 7)

- Shirts (5 to 7)

- Hats (2)

- Mittens and snowsuit

- Socks and booties

- Pajamas/sleepers (5 to 7)

Baby Gear

- Baby carrier, sling, or wrap

- Car seat and stroller

- Play-yard or portable crib

- Stroller sack


- Diapers

- Wipes

- Diaper bag

- Diaper rash cream

- Diaper pail and liners

Breastfeeding and Bottling

- Nursing/feeding pillow

- Lanolin ointment

- Breast pads

- Hot/cold gel packs

- Breastfeeding wrap or cover

- Breast pump

- Breast milk storage bags

- Burp cloths (6 to 12)

- Bottles (5 to 12)

- Bottle brushes (2)

- Bottle-drying rack

- Formula (if formula feeding)

- Bottle warmer

- Dishwasher basket for bottle parts


- Crib and mattress

- Changing table or pad

- Glider or rocker

- Bassinet or cradle


- Baby bathtub

- Washcloths (5 to 7)

- Baby shampoo

- Body wash

- Hooded bath towels (2 items)


- Swaddling blankets (3)

- Wearable blankets (2 to 3)

- White-noise machine

- Crib sheets (3 to 5)

- White-noise machine

- Nightlight

- Waterproof mattress pad (2)


- Baby monitor

- Toilet seat locks

- Cupboard and drawer latches

- Outlet covers for electrical outlets

- Safety gates


- Bouncy seat

- Pacifiers (2 to 4)

- Play mat/gym

- Doorway jumper

- Infant swing

- Activity center

- Toys


- Bowls (3 to 5)

- Sippy cups (3 to 5)

- Bowls (3 to 5)

- Highchair

- Bibs (3 to 5)

- Splat mat


- Bulb syringe

- First-aid kit

- Teething toys

- Baby nail scissors

- Teething toys

- A soft-bristled baby brush

- Baby-friendly laundry detergent

- Digital thermometer (non-touch preferred)

Final Words

Waiting for a new member of your family is very exciting and joyful. However, it also requires you (as parents) to plan ahead, create a budget, and make a list of essential baby items. This guide will you choose the best retailer with which you can register as well as create your baby registry. Good Luck! Essential Baby List, Baby List, Baby Essentials List, Baby Essentials, Best baby products, Free Baby Stuff 2020, Baby Registry Checklist, Baby Registry

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