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Best Baby Diaper Bags

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

If you have a kid, you know that without a diaper bag, you can't leave the house. Without weighing you down, a decent diaper bag carries diapers, extra baby wear, toys, and other necessities. It should also have some space for items like keys and wallets for grown-ups. Style-conscious parents would be delighted to know that there are plenty of bags and models to choose from that look amazing. We have compiled our list of the best diaper bags for 2020 to help you find the best diaper bag for your family. When searching for the right bag for you, we will also clarify the features you should look for.

Bag nation

The Bag Nation diaper backpack is large enough to carry all the necessary things for your kid. To allow you to use it totally hands-free, it comes with stroller straps. It has fourteen pockets, ensuring that you can conveniently arrange anything you need. The multiple compartments allow you to distinguish dirty from clean clothes.

It features a large insulated pocket that can hold more than one baby bottle and a pocket that is conveniently placed for those messy moments, particularly for wipes.


The large capacity of the Hafmall diaper backpack makes it useful for several functions. It has a wide compartment to fit both you and your baby with important products. Three insulated pockets for your baby's bottle, a wet cloth pocket for moist cloth diapers and a tissue pocket are included in the 13 different pockets.

You may opt to use it as a handbag, purse or use the stroller straps to tie it to the stroller when it comes to holding it. The external and internal fabrics are both water-resistant, which ensures that you are well secured against leaks and rain. At the back of the case, it has two D-rings to keep your baby toys within easy reach.


How about a diaper bag with different parts for adults and infants? This is what the Skip Hop Grand Central diaper bag gives you. Second, it has 11 pockets, so you can be sure that anything you need to bring will suit. The section of the baby has a transparent wipe pocket and toy loop and a zipped pocket, phone pocket, and a fleece-lined pocket for sunglasses are included in the adult section. It has two pockets of insulation to accommodate extra-large baby bottles.

The diaper bag hangs neatly on the stroller, removing its weight from your shoulders. It can also be held over the shoulders and, for comfort, has cotton tote straps. It comes with a comfortable cushioned changing pad for changing your baby on the go.


The backpack for the KiddyCare diaper bag comes with 15 pockets that make organising your bag simple for you. The spacious room allows you to fit in one bag anything you need on-the-go for yourself and your baby. The 3 separated pockets sustain the drink of your baby at the ideal temperature while the 2 side pockets hold anything you need within easy reach.

It comes with a button that allows all the upper handles to be locked together so that the bag can be hung on the stroller. To ensure comfort while the bag is carried as a backpack, the back straps are padded.

Hap tip multi-function

How about a diaper bag that makes sure anything you need is held all at once? The big central compartment and 15 pockets mean that in a handy backpack shape, this bag is superb for organization.

To keep your baby's bottles at the correct temperature throughout, it has 3 insulated pockets. To carry wipes, you will like the quick-to-access side pockets. The changing pad helps you to alter the diaper of your baby when on the go.

Skip hop duo

For when you want to take the weight pressure off your back, the Skip Hop Duo diaper bag comes with shuttle clips to match any double stroller. It comes with 16 pockets and a roomy interior that is spacious enough to accommodate your twins with all your stuff and baby clothes. It has magnetic closures with a zipper on the main compartment throughout, so you won't have to worry about not being protected for your baby things.

The bag comes on the side with two insulated bottle pockets so that you can conveniently reach out for the bottles of your little ones. It also has a cushioned pad for you to comfortably change your baby. To keep your baby's toys, it has a D-ring which is useful when they start throwing tantrums. Thanks to the contrasting lining, the bag makes it quick to find something you need without tearing it all apart.

Absolute BTS

The backpack-design diaper bag frees 100 percent of your hands so that you can use them for other things like carrying your baby. When on the go, it is large enough to accommodate all the essential things you need. This makes it easy to organize all the stuff you need and to separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones with two wide separate compartments with 17 pockets.

Although holding its contents at the right temperature and the side pockets for tissues to clean up messes, we love the insulated pockets to hold the baby bottle. For your keys and other important items, it also has a concealed pocket. It is made of a waterproof fabric that, in case of spills, makes it simple for you to wipe clean. To encourage you to mount it to the stroller, it comes with a stroller strap, and you can also carry it as a tote bag or a backpack.

Mancro Diaper bag

There are multifunctional pockets in the Mancro diaper backpack that are useful for everyday use. The two insulated pockets would hold the baby's bottle at the correct temperature while keeping the baby wipes within easy reach of the side pockets. For baby clothes and shoes, it has two front zippered pockets and a zippered mesh pocket for towels and diapers. To keep your laptop or magazines, you will also like the wide compartment.

The waterproof fabric keeps leakages away from your necessities. To encourage you to mount it to the stroller and take away some weight from your shoulders, it has stroller straps. To keep your valuables safe, the main pocket has a dual metal zipper.


These are the best diaper bags that you must shop for and carry the needs of your baby without a miss.

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