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Best Baby Monitors to Shop For

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

A baby monitor can aid anxious parents to get a good night sleep. With the help of a monitor, it can become easy to detect when the baby cries or fusses its crib. It also tells you whether it's time for feeding or changing diapers of your baby.

How are Baby Monitors helpful to parents?

  1. Giving peace of mind.

  2. There is no need for extra stress.

  3. You can quickly check heart rate and oxygen levels in real-time.

  4. Balancing work life is easy.

  5. It ensures extra safety for your baby.

Below given are some of the popular and best quality Baby Monitors that can fit a wide range of parents:

VTech VM350-2

It is a high-resolution 5-inch colour LCD screen Baby monitor that allows you to clearly see every minute movement of your baby from the parent unit. Its connectivity range is up to 100 ft. that will enable you to stay connected to your baby from another room.

· It is a two-way intercom that facilitates you and your baby in hearing sounds of each other and makes your infant comfortable from any room.

· The device is equipped with five lullabies and some soft ambiance sounds that will help your baby to slip into its sweets slumber.

· Moreover, the temperature sensor lets you keep your little ones cosy.

· With the help temperature indicator on your parents unit, you can know the time went to adjust the thermostat.

Infant Optics DXR-8

It is a 2020 award-winning baby monitor which has the perfect size and weight ratio. It is designed for having easy mobility around the house, and more large batteries are required to power its humongous screen.

· The DXR-8 is lightweight and portable with 10 hours of battery life when kept on power-saving mode.

· Its camera comes with features such as pan/tilt/digital zoom and interchangeable lens.

· This product has been made robust and mature over the years by iteration from the feedback of our trusted users.

· The video and audio are transmitted through a secure 2.4 GHz with FHSS technology.

· It ensures that none of your data is transmitted to the internet, and no other device can access your camera unit.

VTech DM111

It is an audio baby monitor that works upto 1 yard of range. It requires Alkaline Batteries or AC power to work with.

· The DECT 6.0 technology provides crystal clear transmission and eliminates the annoying and extra noises that you experience with analog monitors.

· It has five-level sound indicators represented as graphical bars on the parents unit, which indicates the level of sound that is in your baby's room.

VTech DM221

This audio baby monitor is equipped with DECT 6.0 technology which provides clear transmission of sound with the noise-cancelling facility. The range of this device is 1000 ft, and It is a two-way intercom and has a five-level sound indicator.

· The LED on the parents unit indicates the sound level in your baby's room.

· And the built-in intercom allows you to talk and hear the voice of your baby from any room.

· It also has a night light on the baby unit that gently illuminates a dark baby's nursery.

· You can easily adjust the microphone sensitivity of the baby's unit and customize the parents unit in a way that you are able to choose between hearing sounds all the time or when it exceeds a certain level.

Owlet Duo Smart Baby Monitor

It is a baby monitor that gives a wholesome view of your baby. The Owlet app allows Parents to stay connected and live readings of their baby's heart rate and oxygen level. It gives you high-definition audio and video as well.

It alerts you when your baby needs you.

· The app notifies you when the readings that you inserted switch above or below the safe zones.

· With help of this app, you can comfortably measure the sleep trend of your infant.

· It includes total hours of sleep, the number of wakings in the sleep, sleep quality, and etcetera.

· It can get full charged in 90 minutes and has 130-degree wide-angle view with two way talk.

· This product comes with a smart sock that is required to be worn by your child.

Panasonic Video Baby Monitor

It is an award winning baby monitor with camera and audio. That features a long range of signal catching capacity. With this product you can experience clear and secure audio/video of your baby. You can get a pan/tilt/zoom camera with monochrome night vision.

· The color monitor in the parents unit is a 3.5 inch widescreen.

· You can easily mount the camera on table and wall to get a better view of your offspring.

· It is a two way baby-parent talk device which also has some soothing sounds to calm your baby. It senses the temperature, motion and sound of your infant.

· It has a long battery which is 13 hours on standby time.

Arlo Baby Monitor

It is a smart WiFi baby camera with an attached table/ wall stand. It gives you a high-definition video of your baby in clear 1080p. It has night vision which allows you to see your baby’s every move in the dark.

· It is a two way talk which allows you to listen in and talk to your baby directly from your smartphone.

· It has a built-in music player that soothes your baby to sleep with melodies lullabies.

· It also has an air sensor that allows you to check temperature, humidity, and other air conditions in your nursery.

· It has multi colored night light which provides warm, dimmable ambient lighting in your nursery.

· This smart device lets you know the activity of your baby when it is playing or crying.


Having a system that can alert you about your babies doing in nap time or all around the day is a blessing in disguise which allows you to make a good life balance with work and other home activities . it allows you to be close to your baby even when you are a few rooms apart. Through a video baby monitor, you will never miss your babies crucial moments.

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