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Best Baby Travel Systems of 2021

Becoming a new parent adds a significant amount of pleasure and joy to one's life. However, that brings a lot of responsibilities too. One of those is to pick a baby travel system to ensure your baby stays safe and sound anytime and anywhere you go with your family.

A great travel system can save young parents a lot of stress and unwanted hassles. It helps you make interchangeable seating options and switch between a car seat and a toddler seat.

Your new parenthood can be a lot easy and fun if you use the right options for your babies to make them comfortable. Your aim should be to buy a versatile and fully functional stroller that matches your needs and aids every step of your kid's development.

We have analyzed and tested some of the best products in the market to help you pick the best ones for your family. Each of our travel systems has been used continuously by a journalist associated with a baby or toddler. We have also added feedback from moms to present you with the best selection.

Why should I plan to buy a travel system?

It is not compulsory to buy a full travel system as it can be a costly option to undertake. All you need is an infant car seat and a simple buggy to transport your baby.

A baby travel system is specially designed to meet all these requirements at one-go to support each other and for a smooth transition of infants and toddlers.

How much does a travel system cost?

It seems an expensive option at first glance, but there are excellent good options available at reasonable rates. Travel systems can be an excellent investment to make as they play a crucial role in determining your baby's safety right up to the toddler age.

You can also make your travel systems by selecting your own choice of pushcarts and car seats. But it can be a lot complicated and complex as you may have a hard time making them compliant with each element. It would be better to go for an already clubbed travel system that we are about to share with you.

You may have seen, some of the high-end travel systems offer more items as part of the package. It even makes seat transition and one-handed folds an easy go with a baby stroller.

What's more crucial is you must use unique individual accessories that feel right to you. This article will explain clearly so that you can choose the best pick for yourself. These tips will surely help you in making the right decision.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Baby Stroller

The new parents mostly look for a cheap and good quality travel system that could last a year. It is mainly because different baby products can pile up to hefty amounts. At the same time, many parents end up buying a travel system rather than an individual stroller to get hold of a budget-friendly solution.

Let's find out if a baby travel system will be the right choice for you and you're newborn. Suppose it suits your infant's age and his/her weight. Given below are a baby stroller's features that you must consider before picking the right one for you.

1. Weight of the pushcart/ stroller

It is important to evaluate the strength and solidity of the Stroller you are planning to buy. A feather-weight stroller can be an ideal match for most actions, whether you carry it in malls, open parks, or woodland walks. It is simple to steer and turn.

While many believe that the light-weighted ones are of inferior quality, that is not the case every time as the weight cannot be a parameter to assess the Stroller's strength. You must consider the materials and other features when checking out the quality.

2. Stroller Size

Size is the second most aspect to observe after weight while checking the quality of it. You should choose a suitable size that is neither too big nor too small. A large-sized stroller may scare your little one and makes them uncomfortable.

You should go for the foldable ones if storage is an issue for you. Multiple other variants allow you to carry more than one child at once. So, these may be a handy choice for you if you have any twins.

3. Load carrying capacity

The load-carrying capacity is an important essential of a stroller. For instance, if your kid is bulky and the Stroller you have selected does not match the weight category, then it will be a terrible choice to make. So, it is essential to check a stroller's capability and make a smart choice to suit your baby.

Ensure to choose the one that can hold a minimum weight of 10 kg. This way, it will be useful for longer.

4. A Self-control system for Greater support

A good quality stroller comes with two variants of a restraint system that you must check before making a purchase. Here are the restraints explained in detail.

Five-Point: A five-point restraint system is safer for your baby. This kind of harness holds your baby in the optimum way possible. It is usually tied up near the shoulder, waist, and in between the legs. Plus, it comes with a crotch belt that offers better support for kids, exclusively for newborns.

Three-Point: This is a three-point restraint system that locks a toddler near to the shoulders. It is also safe but less when compared to a five-point restraint system.

It matters a little if it has enough restraint. But it must have a smooth lock and unlock for significant support for your baby with no difficulty.

5. Choose a solid Frame

The superior built and a robust framework is a must factor to check in a stroller. Even if you select a foldable model, you need to assess the frame quality closely. You must ensure that the pushchair is strong and stable so that the whole system does not break or fall.

Invest in a baby pram that is reliable, solid, and finished. Read the specific reviews of any model you plan to buy so you know the pros and cons and then decide wisely.

6. Effective Brake system

Your strollers must have an adequate braking system at the place. Mostly, prams have foot brakes, and strollers come with a power-aided brake to instantly stop the wheels right away. You can even select the products that control each wheel separately. Many models have single-touch brakes that lock the wheels just with a single push.

Most of the strollers have brake systems, just as teenager bicycles have in them. These brakes are best preferred for jogging strollers. It helps reduce the speed little by little. At the same time, it offers an instant brake in case of a luxury stroller that is operated by hands.

7. Modular Handlebar

Look for an adjustable or modular handlebar to adjust your height with the handlebar accordingly, as the standard bar remains parallel to an average waist level. A modular handlebar will adjust the handle height precisely.

A reversible handlebar allows you to control the direction your baby looks at with no extra effort. However, that is possible only in a modular stroller.

8. Flexible and worthy canopy

The quality of a canopy and its specifications are equally essential to consider before buying a baby stroller. When it comes down to your baby's safety, you would not want to compromise even a little. A canopy works as a shield that protects your baby from direct sun rays, rainfall, dust, and even bugs. The drape canopy must be a cozy one that relaxes your baby. So, ensure it is of high quality.

You might see, in some models, the canopy forms a web-like structure when drawn completely. That is an excellent example to enable proper ventilation for your toddler. The products with these kinds of features are expensive and may often exceed your budget. So, choose accordingly.

The above points are driven by research based on comfort level, reliability, safety, availability, price, and durability. So, being a responsible parent, make smart choices for your baby.

Here's our pick of the best travel systems for newborn babies…

1) 2020 Lightweight Portable Baby Stroller Can Sit Lie Summer Simple Folding

What Our Travel Wizard Have to say

Try out the OLOME lightweight stroller for your infant this summer. Even with a lightweight baby system, it is exceptional to handle rough terrains.

What Our Travel Wizard Have to say

Grab the baby stroller at a lower price to get an unbeatable combo of low cost and performance. The Stroller is easy to push and steer, with air rubber wheels for all-terrain rides. Plus, it comes with a seat recliner and is foldable.

OLOME is well-known for its safety and reliability. It offers a high-quality build that is unparalleled at relative prices. It is way lighter to carry and more comfortable to fold than any other strollers out there.

The Product bags a 4.2-star rating by our EBL review team.

A Parent's Word

"I love it as it is easy to fold and takes a small space to store in my bedroom." By Andrew

2) Light Triple Stroller Twins Strollers Detachable Twin Triplets Multiple Folding

A perfect stroller to house more than one baby kid at a time.