Changes New Parents Face During Covid-19 Epidemic

If you are reading this article, let us first congratulate you. We love to see that fresh glow, new excitement, and new happiness that you find every day in your baby. Sure they are the drops of heaven who come to our life and change it 180 degrees.

However, sometimes the changes may not be as happy as you would expect. As you have become new parents, you might be struggling with many things unique to your life so far. Dealing with those can be challenging if you are not aware that you are not alone! Let us tell you; every new parent has faced it – even your parents have! So, it's no big deal.

Nevertheless, here's a quick and fun guide to walk you through the changes you may face these days. We hope the article will help you with those morning blues when you are awake with your baby crying and have no clue what to do next! Been there, done that. Now it's our turn to impart some wisdom to the new or would-be mamma papa and prepare them for the best – because babies can never bring the worst, right?

Cool. Let's dive in then.

1. Your dynamic with your partner will be changed

There's a third person with you now. And it will be there forever. Everything you used to plan for two will now be for three. Your every thought will revolve around your child – that's normal. Your dynamic with your partner can change, or to put it in a more positive sense, evolve. And this is the time you need to stick to each other more than ever. At times you may find out you don't have anything to talk to your spouse except for your child. You may be too exhausted to spend time with your partner, as you are always tired of fulfilling your baby's needs.


First, you need to accept this change. Until you cope with your new everyday life, you cannot deal with any change. Next, make time for your partner at any cost. Remember that day when you first decided to get married or stay together?

That sure brought a massive change in your bachelor(ette) life. We appreciate how well you have dealt with that. It's just another phase – and indeed a joyous one.

Also, it's said that you can always make time if something is your priority. Just because you got a baby doesn't mean an end to your relationship with your partner. Make sure to take some time alone with each other and enjoy yourself.

If you have family members or close friends nearby who can take care of your baby, keep him/her with them and go for a long drive or watch a movie or take a break from everything. This will rekindle your equations and also make your baby self-dependent right from the beginning. Also, make sure to favor other couples (maybe those close friends) who are going through the same struggling period.

One of the most critical parts is never, we repeat; never let your sex life go stale. That's a significant mistake many couples make. After having one or two babies, they put an end to their sex life. That's the worst mistake you can make to yourself. Please note that sex is not only a means to get a baby. It is a physical need, and you shouldn't overlook this. Having sex at regular intervals will keep your relationship lively.

It's essential to take a break from the baby's demands and make some time of your own. Sure he/she will not eat everything, but does it mean you two cannot hang out at your favorite pub or skip your anniversary? Of course not. Make sure to spend time with each other, readout, and execute different activities as you used to do before having the kid. Yes, the frequency will be less, but something is better than nothing! Your relationship deserves this little effort – after all, having a baby doesn't mean sacrificing your relationship.

2. You may have different kinds of arguments

So long you perhaps fought over wet towels on the bed, which movie to watch, which restaurant to dine out, and so on. Now the argument may change to which toy to buy for your kid, who will change the nappy, who will put him/her to sleep, and so on.


Embrace this change with a smiling face instead of going mad over it. That's because you won't get to cherish this feeling after a few years.

Also, there's no winner in a parental fight over a child (we mean, the trivial ones we mentioned above). It's cute, we say (well, not for you though!). Both of you have an equal share of the baby and equal responsibility. If you are there to cuddle the kid, you should be there to change the nappy as it is uncomfortable for your dear babe.

The easiest solution is to divide the workload. If you are making breakfast for him/her, let your husband feed the kid; if you are taking the baby to the park today, let your wife take the next day; if you are busy in the morning and expect your wife to take care of the child during the daytime, make sure to help her in the evening. Everyone needs to understand that attending to a baby is more than just cuddling and enjoying. A lot of works is involved in it, and it is quite tiresome. That's because you are not familiar with a child for so long, and the kids cannot always express what they want. You may not know which cry is for what. So sharing the workload will keep both of you active, involved, and happy.

3. You may not have time for yourself

So far, we have discussed how you should take care of your relationship and mutually take care of the baby. Now, don't you feel left out that there's no space for yourself? Well, here it is.

When you are in a relationship, you managed to take some time of your own. Now, with a child around, you are preoccupied with so many things that you don't have a moment for yourself.

And this is going to cost your a real deal in the future.


Don't waste your valuable time. Once your child grows up, you will be left with nothing to hold on to. So don't let your talent go away simply to attend your child. Every person can be a multi-tasker, so it can be you. Opt for that course, join a new program, upgrade your skills, change your job, and do everything – not at the same time, though.

Also, take some time out to find yourself. It's quite common, especially for women, to feel lost in their family and lose their charm. Don't fall into this practice. Don't limit yourself. Cook that barbecue you always wanted to, get that tattoo, go for that solo trip, or with your friends.

We are talking about both the partner. Encourage each other to pursue their life alternatively while the other can attend the time for that time. That way, your child will not be neglected and you will not have to compromise your desires. Win-win for all.

You can also opt for meditation. It will help you to calm down and find sanity. It will not only make you more energetic but also encourage you to do everything gleefully. However, you need to find out a proper meditation center for that. Unskilled professionals may only lead you to squander resources without any gain. Worse yet, you can lose any trust in the power of meditation.

4. Your looks will change (all the glamorous mothers, we're talking to you)

We have seen many new mums complaining about getting fat after conceiving. Well, that's all-natural. It may be depressing to see your favorite little black dress getting tighter, and you cannot slip into it. It can be frustrating to wear loose clothes with no makeup and rushing to the XL store right after getting to the plaza. However, remember that every one faces it, and you can get past that.


We love that baby bump, stretch marks, fatty hips and thighs, and chubby cheeks. No, these are not imperfections.

All you need is to motivate yourself. It's your choice whether you want to keep your physique the way it is or want to go back to the earlier shape? If you are a fashion and fitness concerned person, you sure wish to the latter? Remember, you need to be really motivated to carry out the practices. It's not going to be easy. Mainly, for around nine months, your body was accustomed to a particular lifestyle – perhaps a slow one. Now you have to undergo rigorous exercise – it may be strenuous. If you didn't have any practice of exercising before pregnancy, this could be an even bigger problem.

We are not discouraging you, just preparing you for the reality. The silver lining is – well, your motivation. It's only how earnestly you want to slip into that body-hugging dress will determine how long it will take to get back to the earlier shape. We advise, don't go too fast. If you start fasting from day one along with rigorous exercise, your energy will be drained out, your body will not conform, and you will fall sick. Instead, take the smaller leap yet in a motivating way to not skip exercising any day. No matter how badly you want to take a break for a day or have a cheat meal