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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Parenthood is the most beautiful experience of a person's life. One would think that they have experienced every emotion in their life, but when they find out they are expecting a baby, they are set on a rollercoaster of new feelings. The nine months that parents spend waiting for this glorious moment bring forth unbelievably strong swings of experiences and emotions.

When we got the terrific news that we were expecting our first baby, we were a bundle of emotions. Eventually, fear got mixed with excitement and joy, but this wasn't the usual fear of raising your child well. It was the fear of keeping the child healthy and making sure he came into this world virus free and was protected well. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forward many challenges to parents, but the fear of their children's protection has topped all worries.

The challenges faced by us and especially Christina have been endless. Due to her association with the medical field, the ritual of sanitizing thoroughly every single time she leaves and enters the house makes her exhausted. The worry for the baby's health is a cherry on top. This experience brought forth a lot of realizations for us. We decided to reach out to other parents and build a community. Essential baby list is a platform created to fulfill that purpose where we share our experiences and knowledge that can help all of us raise our children in all health and happiness. We want to make sure that not only our baby is safe, but all other babies born during the pandemic are smiling in their parents' arms healthily.

This article is another one of many steps through which we want to make our experiences useful to you. We want to share your burdens and take at least one of your worries away during this pandemic. That is the guidance for baby products. This book will share all about the freebies you can get for your baby and the mother when she is expecting. We have done the digging for you, and all you will need is reach out and make sure that the pandemic does not take away what your baby deserves, which is getting a great welcome he/she deserves.

We hope it will be useful for you and expect to hear out from you soon.

Why do you need free baby products?

When having a baby, out of the many things that can worry the parents is the expense. Due to the pandemic, when some parents might have lost jobs or gotten a pay decrease, the costs can get out of hand and hard to handle. Starting from the doctor's appointments of the mom to baby shopping, each and everything drains the money out of your pockets.

According to a USDA report, a middle-income family spends roughly $12,000 on a baby's first year. This is not illogical if we count the number of items one has to buy for the baby's initial years. Some essential items usually include diapers, clothes, baby formula, napkins, feeding bottles, and whatnot. But other essentials, including rashes prevention and relief products, products needed for bathing, feeding, etc., can cost a lot. Spending smartly during such circumstances can save you from many expenses, and you can spend that money elsewhere.

This is where the baby freebies come. Several companies such as Amazon, Enfamil, and Huggies understand parents' needs and offer baby freebies, subscription boxes, and gift bags completely free. Most of them even deliver the products to your home without shipping charges, which is a bonus.

There is no doubt about it that it can be a hassle to find those companies and learn about the process of getting the freebies. To save you from that hassle, we have organized this post. In this post, we have compiled as many freebie sources as we could for you. You'll just have to land on the right websites for the products you wish to get for your little angel and claim them.

The following sections of the article will contain information regarding the companies, the products they offer, and the requirements to get those free products. We hope they bring joy in your life as they did in us.

Gift Boxes with Diverse Items

When it comes to buying essentials for your baby, you cannot think of just one. That is why we have compiled a list of the best baby boxes. You can get a variety of products in one package. This post will contain information about where you can find them and how you can receive them. The gift boxes you will subscribe to can include a variety of products or just one thing in abundance. It depends on the company and packages you apply for. The following list is a compilation of all such details that will help you get freebies and save the expenses for at least a short while.

1. Amazon Welcome Box

Amazon Welcome Box has been very famous among the parents. Upon creating an Amazon Baby Registry, you will get a box with $35 worth of amazing stuff! The variety of products in the box is what makes this box more exciting. The box products may vary every time, depending on the availability, but it still promises you products that you will find useful. In the past, the package has been informed to contain more than ten items! The box can include products from breast pads, diapers, or even a muslin swaddle blanket.

2. Target Baby Registry Gift Bag

Target is a famous American Retail Corporation. You can get a free welcome bag of $100 value after you create a baby registry. To request a baby registry gift bag, you can visit Guest Services to get a free welcome kit filled with coupons and samples for you and the baby! You can call ahead first to check on supplies of the box (kits are subject to availability).

3. Gerber Baby Gift Box

Enjoying the blessings your baby brings into your life? Here are more amazing offers Gerber will get you upon signing up for MyGerber Account. Gerber sends you various coupons and goodies that are both beneficial for the mother and the baby. Gerber also likes to surprise their customers with discount coupons and goodies that may include bibs, baby food, formulas, and onesies.

They also offer other excellent services that are pretty handy to their members. You can use Menu Planners to plan a nutritious diet for your baby. Dotti is your baby expert who is available for a chat 24/7. There is more content crafted to your child's personal growth and individual needs.

4. Free Monthly Sample Box From PinchMe

PInchMe sends boxes of samples every month FOR FREE, including baby samples. The process is simple, sign up at their website for free, choose your pieces, and give them feedback. FREE Baby samples offered in the past include AVEENO Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm, DESITIN Rapid Relief Diaper Rash Cream, Maximum Strength Boudreaux's Butt Paste, Neat 3B Baby B Diaper Cream, Mr. Bubble Original 3in1 Body Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner, SheaMoisture Raw Shea, Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Wash & Shampoo, Goddess Garden Baby Natural Sunscreen & more.

5. Free Walmart Baby Box

Walmart Baby Box has been pretty famous and well-liked among parents. Walmart gives away a free sample box to young moms who create a baby registry at their website. The process is straightforward. You need to go and register after that, fill simple prompts. Remember that you need to have a registered URL to receive this box. After making sure, go back to the baby registry homepage and click on "Free Welcome Box." Fill out the form and past your URL for completion. Walmart also offers a free return of up to one year on eligible registry items, a fantastic offer.

6. Hello Baby Box

The baby list offers a baby box upon registry. The box is filled with gifts that may include Pampers and Huggies diapers, Aquaphor ointment, NanoBebe and Chicco pacifiers, Pipette baby lotion, Evenflo bottles, Honest wipes, and several coupons.

7. Seventh Generation Rewards Program

Seventh Generation offers an excellent reward program. You can get baby formula samples or diapers through their program. You have to review the products, the fundamental purpose of which is to help others out. For more details, you can visit their website.

8. Noobie Box

Noobie Box is an adorable gift box that makes you feel immediately blessed for being a parent. Yup, it's going to make you feel loved like that. Noobie Box is a one-time gift box for moms-to-be with no subscriptions attached. One package is per mom-to-be per year. The box contents are also given in the box description, which is very reassuring in case you do or do not want specific items. Please note that shipping charges of $9 do apply.

9. Buybuy Baby Registry Goodie Bag

Buybuy is a chain of stores in America that sells products for use with infants and young children. They offer a goodie box upon creating a baby registry. You can go to their store and claim the goodie bag after getting a registry. If you do not have a Buybuy store in your area, try contacting them and see if they can ship you. In some cases, this has happened, and it may not, but there is no harm in trying.

10. Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity gift bags are loaded with samples and items. To get their gift bags and fun things, you have to sign up for their Motherhood Maternity clothing PreggiePerks program.

11. Bundoo Baby Samples

Bundoo offers free baby samples through its sampling program. Sampler powers Bundoo Sampling Program. You can sign in and get examples of baby products every month.

12. Bounty Packs

Bounty offers three kinds of baby packs, Mum-to-be pack, Newborn Pack, and Pregnancy Information Pack. You can claim them through their app and receive each through different sources. Each of the Bounty packs is obtained through various means and has some requirements. You can collect a Bounty Pregnancy Information Pack from your midwife at your booking-in appointment. The Mum-to-be Pack is available to contain from 13 weeks pregnant at your nearest Asda, Tesco, or Boots (the contents vary depending on the retailer). The Newborn Pack is given to the mom at the hospital maternity ward after the baby is born. You can find out more about these packs through their website. They also organize interesting competitions to give you a chance to win exciting prizes.

Free Baby Formula

Baby formulas are essential, but they can be costly. Choosing the right procedure can also be confusing to parents. This Chapter will give you sources of free baby formulas. Not just any recipes, but authentic ones, and one that you would want. After trying the free samples, you can quickly figure out which baby formula best suits your child. That way, you will not have to waste money trying out different models, which may go to waste if they don't fit your baby.

1. Enfamil

If you have researched about baby formulas, then you must be aware of Enfamil. Enfamil is a top formula brand ideal for many babies. If you get Enfamil for free, you can save a considerable amount of money. To get free Enfamil baby formula, you have to sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings for up to $400 in gifts and a chance to win free formula for an entire year!

2. Similac

Here is another favorite loved by parents. Similac StrrongMoms Reward Program offers free personalized gifts and formulas, including free samples and baby formula coupons of up to $400. Similac offers much more than just saving your money through this program. They offer nutrition guidance to parents, ongoing tips, education, and offers all through email. They promise much more for your baby's growth, and wouldn't anyone feel their satisfied with their baby's development because of that?

3. Nestle Baby & Me

Nestle Canada has a Nestle Baby & Me program for residents of Canada. All you have to do is register for Nestle Baby & Me to receive a Ready for Baby welcome bundle, free samples, and emails with coupons and special offers.

Diaper Deals You Must Snag

Let's all just take a few minutes and thank all the diaper companies for this great blessing. When I think of the times when moms had to use homemade cloth diapers, I just shudder because that is a lot of hassle and mess. But we can't deny the fact that it was also cheap. Diapers can cost you a lot, and most parents just wait for the time till they can finally toilet-train their children and get rid of the costs and hassle of diaper changing several times a day. But one must do it till they have to, right?

To help you save the cost of diapers for a short while, here is a list compiled to help you get free diapers that will make your life easier in a few clicks.

1. Free Diapers through Huggies Reward

When you join Huggies online, you are entered for a chance to win free diapers for a YEAR. Huggies also has an option on their website or mobile app of Huggies rewards, where you can upload your receipt of the Huggies purchase to earn points. When you have made enough points, you can request coupons for free diapers or other Huggies products!

2. Pampers Rewards Program

The Pampers Rewards program is another fantastic way to get a chance to win free pampers for a year. The process is somewhat similar to Huggies and the benefits as well. You have to install their app and upload your receipt of Pampers products regularly. Once you have earned enough points, you can claim your prize. The prizes can include diapers or any of the Pampers products. They also host other fun competitions and frequently give you discount codes, which you can take advantage of.

3. National Diapers Bank Network

National Diapers Bank Network is dedicated to providing free diapers to those who qualify. It is a great resource to get free diapers donated by others. They are committed to providing clean diapers to every baby in need of them. You can even learn to host a drive to help your fellow moms get free diapers.

4. Diaper

Diaper manufacturers soft, eco-friendly, absorbent diapers. You get a free bag of diapers upon registering on their website with free shipping. After that, you can subscribe to receive a monthly supply of diapers with 15% off the retail price.

5. Beaming Baby Nappies

Beaming Baby is the world's first brand to manufacture biodegradable, eco-friendly nappies. They guarantee no nappy rash and are ideal for sensitive skin and eczema. We think that it is pretty cool because that way you are not only your baby is comfortable in his nappy. But your money will also be saved from being spent on rash creams and powders.

You can claim free nappies by signing up for free at the Beaming Baby website.

6. DryNites Pajama Pants

You can get a free sample of DryNites pajama pants to keep your child dry all night. The pants are tailored according to the boy and girl's anatomy. You simply have to answer a few questions about your child, choose your product, and the work will be delivered to your doorstep. Though we are unsure whether this is available only for UK residents, you can check it out from their website. Or simply just order it if you are from the UK.

More Freebies to Make Parenthood Fun

There is much more than what parents need to make their baby's development efficient. A baby's growth isn't just about diapers and formulas. We can add much more to make it whole and more fun. Here are some freebies of essentials that you can get to make parenthood fun and your kid's childhood easy.

1. Free Books Through Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

Books are the essence of life. It is a well-known phrase. I would highly doubt that any parents wouldn't want their children to divulge into reading from a young age. A hobby that brings so much knowledge and fluency in your child's language is a must-have. Dolly Parton's Imagination Library has a fantastic program that will inspire a love for reading at a young age. After signing up, they send a free book each month from your child's birth until five years of age. All you have to do is sign up through the Library of Congress (see if the program is available in your area). If the Imagination Library is not currently in your area, you can assist in launching a program.

2. A Free Breast Pump

The Affordable Care Act made it mandatory for a mother to get access to a free breast pump. To get that access, you have to find out if you qualify for the program. To check whether you are eligible, visit and check out the rules.

3. Free Breast Pump from Aeroflow

You can get a free breast pump from Aeroflow if you have insurance. All you have to do is submit your insurance information through forms. After verification, you can choose a top-level breast pump. Fill out the form to get the process started!

4. Free Baby Dove Sample

Dove gives away free Baby Dove Sample upon signing up for their newsletter. You will receive a free Baby Dove Tip To Toe

5. Free Parents magazine

A beautiful and straightforward magazine to make parenthood beautiful and comfortable is a must for all parents. Get your free copy just by answering a few simple questions on the link, choosing from the magazines, and getting it delivered within a few days.

6. Medela Breastfeeding Kit

Moms-to-be can get a free breastfeeding kit by signing up at Medela's "The Mom's Room" community. The kit contains samples of different nursing products such as milk storage bags, nursing pads, a micro-steam bag, and lanolin nipple cream.

7. Infantino Baby Products

Infantino regularly offers free baby products that may include baby toys, baby carriers, etc. In exchange for complimentary products, they ask for reviews only.

8. Baby Box Co.

There is always a lot to learn when it comes to parenthood. Whether you are becoming a parent for the first time of fourth, it always comes with challenges due to changing times and requirements. Baby Box Co. is a fantastic platform that gives a lot to you for being a parent. It provides free online parenting classes. You take an online course AND get a baby box as a reward with free samples and goodies. The process is straightforward; you sign up, take a class, do a simple quiz, and get a baby box as a reward.

9. Kolcraft Baby Furniture

Baby Furniture is a necessity but also something that requires some above-average expenses. Kolcraft helps you by giving free samples of their products. In return, all you have to do is offer an honest review of their work.

10. Mom Squad

There is something special about being a mom, and everyone knows that, but only a mom can understand a mom's troubles and power. Mom Squad is a community of moms where all moms gather around and just be proud moms. We personally think it is a fantastic way to learn more about being a mom through sharing experiences. Another fantastic thing about this platform is that they send free samples of products like vitamins etc. All you have to do is 'be a mom.'

11. Free Kindle eBook

Who doesn't love reading? I love it. That is why I am here with another way to get free books for your kids, because reading is a wonderful hobby, and we plan to develop it as best as we can for our children. That is why we search for more ways to get free books, and it turns out you can get free ebooks for kindle through amazon. There is absolutely no effort or cost required for this. Just go to the free section and search through the categories you wish to download an ebook of, and voila! This might be very useful for you as well if you are avid readers like us! Here is a free kindle book I wrote for traveling with a baby:

12. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a well-loved brand, and most parents prefer their baby products for their babies because of how reliable they are. According to Freebies for Baby, you can get a bag of samples from Johnson & Johnson upon contacting them. Try calling them on the given numbers on the website or email them with your information, and they will send you a bag of their samples of baby products.

13. Shutterfly

The beautiful memories made with your child are always precious. Sitting in the living room sometime later in the future and reminiscing past days is a ritual at almost every house. Get your family photo books for free from Shutterfly. Shutterfly also offers a free photo book every month to document your family's growth. Books are 6×6 and softcover, with between 20 and 40 pages, and you can include up to 40 photos from your social media accounts or smartphones. To access the book, you have to download the Shutterfly app. Please note that you will have to pay $7.99 shipping charges.

Other Freebies and Where to Find Them

Other Freebies

Just when we thought our journey towards exploring freebies is over, we stumbled across some cool merch that made us want to carry on. Here is a list of other freebies that you can find online and are genuinely amazing:

The Honest Company: This company has two kinds of freebie boxes. These boxes are called Discovery Kits, one is called The Diapers and Wipes Bundles and the other one is The Essentials Bundle. You can choose the one you want and you will get to try the products for free. Please note that you will have to pay the shipping cost of $5.95. Do not forget to unsubscribe after you have received the box or you will be automatically subscribed for the next box.

The Baby Box University: In Finland, the growth rate is much lower as compared to the USA. Finnish babies sleep in the boxes. Baby Box University gives away free baby boxes, along with free samples of products. All you have to do is sign up for a free online class and respond to the quiz at the end. You can get five free books from this website which will be worth $40. All you have to do is enter the code OFFERS at the checkout.

Cuties: The diaper brand Cuties has free samples available of their products sometimes. All you have to do is sign up on their website and they will send you an email whenever free diapers are available.

Luvs: This is another diaper brand that offers free samples. When you sign up for their newsletter, they send you emails whenever their free samples are available. They also sent you emails of discount codes and coupons.

Kelley’s Closet: This is another diaper brand that has its reward program. It is called the Diapers Dollars Rewards Program. You get a point at each dollar you spend and you can claim your gift certificates and use them to get free diapers or other products.

Seven Baby Get a free sling from Seven Baby that will be worth $39.95. Apply the discount code “FREESLING4ME” at checkout. You will just have to pay shipping charges though. Get a free canopy from this website worth $49.95 by applying the code “FREECANOPY1” at the checkout. Shipping charges do apply. Get a free nursing pillow of worth $39.95 by applying the code “PJBABY” at the checkout. You will have to pay shipping charges for this as well.

Pea to Pumpkin: Get free monthly photo sign printables from Pea to Pumpkin. The printables are super cute and our absolute favorites!

Custom Pacifiers: Pacifiers are such handy things for moms and they are a must-carry for you. Get customized pacifiers of up to $30 for FREE. All you have to do is apply the code “50261DA82” at the checkout.

Natural Baby Co: Natural Baby also has its own rewards program just like Huggies, Pampers, and many others. You can earn points by keeping a record of your previous purchase and claim gifts.

Printable Baby Book Pages: Creating baby books is so much fun. You can make these for your baby as well as gift them to someone else on their baby shower. From this website, you will find several baby book pages that are printable and are completely FREE. You can customize your own aesthetic baby book without any effort or cost.

Milk Bands: Milk bands are super cute and come in handy to all moms. You can get five free milk bracelets at Milkbands.comGet free nursing bracelets at Normally a milk bracelet costs $6.99 each. So, you get almost $35 worth of products for free. All you have to do is enter the code MILKBANDS22OFF at the checkout and wait for your cool bands.

Please note that we have checked the validation of each code mentioned above. Every single code is valid and offers the exact amount of discount we mentioned. But if the code expires by the time you apply it, we shall not be blamed. We hope that they will be valid for a long period and you can still avail of them.

Apart from the sources mentioned above, there are many more sources that can bring you free stuff. There is no doubt that even for free stuff, you have to do some research and go through some struggles, but we promised to do that hassle for you. Here are some ways that you can get freebies without any formal procedures.

More Ways to Find Freebies

Random Facebook Groups: You can find several Facebook groups where people give away product samples for free. Facebook groups can be an easy source to get freebies as there are usually no formal procedure, just some simple rules to enter those giveaways hosted by people or companies

Following Bloggers (like me): Blogging trends have changed over time. Blogging is now not limited to fashion or books. Several parents have amazing blogs based on parenthood, where they share all about their experiences as moms or dads. Following these bloggers can be very beneficial in many ways. Not only will you get excellent tips about parenting, but you will also get product reviews and discount codes. Most of the bloggers host giveaways frequently, which can be a great chance to win items. Through these bloggers, you can also get introduced to local brands that manufacture excellent quality products at affordable prices. In short, following these bloggers in your area can be very rewarding in many ways.

Freebie Websites: Some websites regularly update you on freebie resources. They also offer special discount codes for local and international brands. All you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter, and you will get regular updates about freebies. is such a site that is dedicated to freebies and their sources.

Garage Sales: Garage sales are a useful source to get baby clothes and toys. Kids usually outgrow their clothes very quickly, and most of their clothes go to garage sales, charity, etc. when they are still new. Instead of spending money on that, you can get some comfy casual wear for your baby from these sales and pay only on clothes for occasions.

Freecycle: Freecycle is a nonprofit network made up of 5,335 groups with 9,031,611 members around the world. The community of Freecycle is composed of local groups who give away items for free to people who need them. You can go to their website and join the community you wish by going to "Browse Group" and find whatever you are looking for!

Your Doctor’s Office: Many companies drop off their samples for marketing purposes at doctor’s clinics and hospitals. You can inquire about them if there are any free samples available, and there is a chance that you might get free products like vitamins and other accessories, especially for the mom.


The joys of parenthood must be felt fully. This book was not just about helping you get free products for you or your baby. It was also about showing how much you are being loved and cared about for being a parent. There is no denying that parenthood comes with many challenges, but those challenges help us grow. Through our children, we get to live new lives all over again. We get to see the world with different eyes and hear various kinds of music from different ears. We must remember all of this through the challenges.

We hope you felt as blessed and enjoyed being a parent while reading this book as much as we did writing it. We mostly had so much fun while researching and writing this for you when we imagined your joy.

Love and prayers,

Christopher & Christina

Our newborn baby is coming any day now and we are going to share the whole experience on this blog with videos. So I guess a Vlog. It will include all the different precautions because of the current Covid-19 Epidemic.

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