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Never Be Hopeless - Motivational short

The cutest laugh you will ever see from baby

3 Month Baby Playing with Rattle

Product being used in video above available on amazon.

Motivation for Parents and Kids

I will post these motivational videos to help keep positivity and hope in your household during these difficult times. Sometimes a little motivation is what we need to completely change our mindsets, which is important because your mindset often will reflect on your child. So be positive and know that there is hope! I hope you like this. Again, just trying to lift your spirits up :)


Baby using the Baby Bottle Holder Free Hand While Milk (Elephant on Checker Pattern). No need to hold it the whole time. If you work from home or even a busy parent (aren't we all), this product is a must. Supervision is of course highly recommended. Its our babies after all!

3 in 1 Baby Stroller Travel System and More

As you know, there is a wide variety of baby strollers available to choose from. Your choice of strollers will be affected by how many children you plan to use it for, how you will use the stroller and where, and finally, your budget. All things aside, your baby's comfort and safety will also influence your choice. Let's take a look at some of the types of strollers available to you. Many people search for the 3 in 1 baby stroller travel system. The standard stroller will fit one child, and there are many different features on standard strollers, such as play trays, parent trays, fabrics, and handlebars. On many strollers' handlebars are now height-adjustable, which is a great back saver. Double strollers have two seats. There is a variety of seating arrangements for double strollers. Some are lightweight strollers and are excellent baby travel systems. The traditional double seat is one behind the other - tandem style. Tandem seating has the first child with a good view, and the one in the rear seat sees the back of the other's head. A variant of the tandem seating is stadium seating. Think of bleachers where each seat is raised slightly above the one in front of it, allowing those in the rear to see what's going on. There is side by side seating as well as face to face seating. Jogging strollers are trendy because they enable you to bring your child along on the run. The jogging stroller has a triangular wheelbase with two large wheels in the rear and one wheel in the front. They have many attractive features. An added safety feature is a wrist strap on the handlebar. This is worn so that when you stop, the stroller doesn't roll away from you. As always, whenever you stop your stroller, the break should always be applied. The wrist strap is added protection. Jogging strollers are available for multiple seating as well and are excellent baby travel systems. Triple strollers are terrific for triplets or three children. Seating arrangements can be side by side, but most have tandem seating or stadium seating. When the stroller is full of kids and you are pushing, it will help you achieve your fitness goals. This is typically not a lightweight baby stroller being that it carries three kids. Convertible multiple strollers are available to be made into double seater's with additional seats and a transverse bar. You might want to check if this option is available for the particular stroller you are considering. Sometimes its included in the 3 in 1 baby stroller travel system. Umbrella strollers, including lightweight baby strollers are very inexpensive. They are generally easier to fold and unfold. They are very light and store easily in a car trunk. They are terrific for short trips to the Mall or short walks. They do not work well on all terrain. They do come in multiple seating as well. The only drawback I had with umbrella strollers is that if anything was hung on the handle, it caused the carriage to tip backward. 3 in 1 baby stroller travel systems are slightly heavier than umbrella strollers and marginally less than the standard stroller. They typically fold in a single hand motion. They also resemble the standard type stroller. They also come in multiple seating. Carriage Strollers are convertible strollers in that you can change them from a carriage (a bed on wheels) to a stroller. This is great for infants that are unable to sit up yet. The handle is reversible to turn it into a stroller, which is great for children sitting up. Bike strollers or baby travel systems are installed by attaching them to the rear wheel. There are two seated models available. They can be converted from a trailer to a stroller with no tools. The restraint system is a five-point harness for each child. When looking for an infant travel system, pick a lightweight baby stroller so you won't strain yourself carrying it. Check out our baby travel systems and lightweight baby strollers at the Essential Baby List baby store. A lightweight baby stroller should be part of your baby essential list. Most look for the 3 in 1 baby stroller travel system or the best portable baby stroller 3 in 1.

Baby Using Boppy Nursing Pillow for Eating & Tummy Time

Here is our baby enjoying the Boppy nursing pillow. It has several uses but since she is only 2 months it only has limited since she doesn't have full head control. The Boppy nursing pillow is good for feeding and even tummy time as you will see in the video :)

Baby with Love to Dream Swaddle Up

Baby using Love to Dream Swaddle Up to fall asleep. Product works great!

Baby Registry List - Baby Shower Ideas; 8 Creative Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are an exciting event that celebrates the impending arrival of a baby. Closest friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers get together to celebrate mom-to-be and baby. Baby showers are notorious for games, many of which have been enjoyed for decades! Although so many things have changed with the preparation for a new arrival, baby shower ideas and games are a tradition that has stood the test of time. If you plan a baby shower for a loved one or yourself, you are likely looking to find creative baby shower game ideas that can be enjoyed by everyone who attends. Also, have fun while being productive with your baby shower themes by implementing a baby registry list so you don’t get duplicate gifts and you get exactly everything on your newborn baby checklist. Make sure the baby registry list has the best baby products as well as the baby essentials list. We have put a list together of 8 innovative baby shower game ideas that are sure to elicit a lot of laughs and create beautiful memories!

Baby Shower Themes and Games 1. My Water Broke! Purchase small plastic babies from a party supply store or online and freeze one baby in each ice cube. Put one ice cube in each guest's drink and tell them to keep an eye on their baby. Once they have found their baby is no longer surrounded by ice, they will need to shout, "My water broke!". The first person to call this out wins. 2. Baby Bingo Create a baby bingo sheet with unique combinations of words like "cute" or "baby blanket" and hand them out with a pen when the mom-to-be opens her gifts. Each time the future mama says one of these phrases or words, they can cross off the spot on the bingo sheet— the first person to cross out a column, row, or diagonal wins. 3. A Diaper Disaster Diaper changes can be messy, to say the least. For this game, melt different chocolate bars and smear a separate melted chocolate bar in each diaper. As guests arrive, ask them to smell each diaper and guess the candy bar on a sheet of paper. The most significant number of successful guesses wins. 4. The Diaper Relay Divide your guests up into at least two teams. Give each group one pack of newborn diapers, one tub of baby wipes, one blanket, and one baby doll. Each team will line up, and you will give the first player of each team a swaddled baby wearing a diaper. When you say "GO!" they will need to run to a changing table, remove the blanket, change the diaper, swaddle the baby and run back and give the baby to the next team player who will repeat the process. Each team member will have to change a diaper successfully. The first team to complete all their diaper changes wins. 5. He Said/ She Said Ask the mom and partner to answer a series of questions before the baby shower. Print out these questions and the two answers, without specifying who gave which answer. Ask guests to guess which parent gave each answer; he said vs. she said. Once everyone has made their guesses on their sheet, take up the answers. Whoever thought the most responses correctly wins. 6. Baby Animals Create a handout with a list of animals in one column and a list of their corresponding baby names in another column (e.g., duck and duckling, deer and fawn). Ensure the names are mixed up in each column and ask guests to match the animal with the appropriate baby name. The person most successful matches win. 7. Who's That Baby? Ask guests to submit a picture of themselves as a baby. Collect all the photos, post them on a poster board, and label each one with a number. Give each guest a piece of paper and have them match up the numbered baby photos with the guest's name. The person with the highest number of successful matches wins! 8. Mom-to-be Trivia Everyone loves a good trivia game! Prepare a list of trivia questions about the mom-to-be, including a random selection of questions like her first job, first pet, and favorite snack. Gather the guests together and divide them into two groups. Provide each group with a baby rattle and ask them to shake their rattle if they want to answer a question. Read a trivia question and allow the team that rattled first to answer. If they answer incorrectly, the second team can attempt. Each successful answer results in one point. The team with the highest number of points wins. For baby shower games, you can provide little prizes for the winners, or they can have the satisfaction of knowing they were declared the winner. Prizes or not, these games are guaranteed to get guests mingling, laughing, and creating beautiful memories with the mom-to-be. Make sure to add gifts for the baby that are on your baby essentials list / baby registry list and are the best baby products from the best baby store. These baby shower ideas and baby shower themes help you get everything on your newborn baby checklist as well as having fun with your friends and family in celebration for the baby to be.

Tummy Time Progress Over the Weeks

Watch the progression of her head movement. She isn't even 7 weeks old yet and she almost had full head control! Here is a short 4-minute video of the baby using the Infantino Pillow for Tummy Time. ). This pillow is helping her a lot but she is doing a great job for her age!

Tummy Time 7 Weeks Old - Head Movement

Tummy time with a baby almost 7 weeks old (about 6 and 1/2 weeks to be exact) and she is already moving her head during tummy time on the Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time. She is already moving her head side to side and her parents couldn't be more proud of her progress on tummy time. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking milestones for our baby accomplishments as well as tips and product recommendations that worked will with my baby and other babies as well.

Tummy Time 6 Weeks Old - Infantino Pillow

Here is tummy time with Cleo at 6 weeks old using the Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time; A couple of days later, she actually moves her head all the way around. Stay tuned!

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